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A sixteen-page zine, collecting nine computational poems adapted from a combined corpus of walkthroughs and queer fanfiction for Final Fantasy VII.

It's recommended that these poems be read out loud—or at least attempted to. Alex was kind enough to perform the first poem in the collection for me, which you can listen to here.

about the series

A Hive of Mechanical Wasps, a procedural poetry series:

#1: post meridiem
#2: or, the whale
#3: exchange of letters (with Emma Stewart)
#4: gold chocobo

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A Markov chain is a model of what item in a sequence will occur next and at what probabilities, given some number of previous events. By choosing from these probabilities randomly, new sequences can be generated.

Markov chains are a swarm of mechanical wasps—text is their wood, which they chew and digest into a mushy pulp before reshaping it into a new form to make their home in.


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Get this book and 13 more for $95.52 USD
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