A downloadable game

Feb 27: Currently the game is too rough to show off. I'll post a version that's still roughshod but a little more playtested soon.

Green Quarry is a tabletop roleplaying game about a group making their way through the wilderness, telling tales of the past and the future of their community.

Number of Players: A tiny gang (3–6 players).
Time to Play: Approximately 30 minutes.
Required Materials: Two six-sided dice, blank index cards, writing utensils.

Green Quarry is part of the "Opening the Horse" series of games. It was designed by Matthew R.F. Balousek (itch, twitter).

Printed Versions

If you purchase any of my zines for the recommended price, you can request a printed copy mailed to you. If I make any significant changes to the game, you'll also be entitled to a copy of that updated version. Send me an email with a shipping address.