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This zine is a collection of some of my shorter games that don't go anywhere else in particular. This zine will be updated and change over time. The current edition includes the following games:

  1. Painting the Sky With Stars: a game of creating constellations.
  2. Inquest: a game of running from answers.
  3. It's Dangerous to Go Alone: a game of preparation. 
  4. Pizza Pizza Panic: a cooperative racing game for multiple players.
  5. Toastmaster: a game of oratory.
  6. The Care and Feeding of Warriors: a game of tracking.
  7. Hydration Zone: a game of self-care.
  8. Afterward: a game of mourning.
  9. Game Studies: a game of borders.
  10. Falling: a game of collection.
  11. Fidget Fighters: a game of bloody combat.
  12. Concrete Blooming: a game of bursting.
  13. There is No Magic Circle: a game of failure.
  14. Crab Tag: a game of signifiers.
  15. Calvinball: a game.
  16. Spinning: a game of endings.
  17. Poring Over the Bones of the Past: a game of object lessons.
  18. Bait and Switch: a game of lying to your friends.
  19. Replacement Grapple Rules: for use in Dungeons & Dragons, or any time you're playing pretend.
  20. I'll Be Your Mirror: a game of reflection.
  21. Infinite Onion: a game of burial.
  22. Iron & Fire: a game of upkeep.
  23. All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone: a game of ketchup.


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Get this game and 13 more for $95.52 USD
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