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A twelve-page zine, collecting nine computational poems adapted from the first chapter of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. With each progressive poem the parameters of the algorithm are changed slightly, starting with a barely readable mash of characters and ending with something with diction which is recognizably Melville's own.

It's recommended that these poems be read out loud—or at least attempted to.

about the series

Markov chains are a swarm of mechanical wasps—text is their wood, which they chew and digest into a mushy pulp before reshaping it into new forms.

printed versions

If you purchase any of my zines for the recommended price, you can request a copy printed up and sent to you. Send me an email and include 1.) your shipping address and 2.) the email address of the account you used to buy it. If you purchase it for at least twice the recommended price, you can ask for the zine to be hand-sewn instead of machine-stapled.

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Published135 days ago
AuthorMatthew R.F. Balousek
Tagspoetry, zine


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A Hive of Mechanical Wasps: or, the whale 167 kB